Purchases: PEP, TU and CAH

Added more on 3 different stocks on Friday 05/18. Mainly was trying to grab a few shares of these stocks in my portfolio which are close to the 52 weeks low.

On 05/18:

  • Buy 4 shares of PEP for $98.00. After buying Pepsi recently earlier this month, I keep on building towards a full position.
  • Buy 10 shares of TU for $35.60. I am a bit underweight in telecom assets, so adding on Telus. Also adds on Canadian telco exposure.
  • Buy 10 shares of CAH for $54.48 / shares. Cardinal Health’s price keeps getting lower. I like the safety of the stock with a payout ratio around 35%. Growth had been ok in previous years, I hope it keeps up like this – even if I fear growth may slow down.

My dividend portfolio is updated with above new holdings.

Purchases: PEP, BIP and a Sell: OHI

Since my last purchases in my brokerage account, I made a few transactions.

On 05/03:

  • Sold 70 shares of OHI for $26.54 / share. That was my entire position in Omega Healthcare Investors in this account (holding a bit in my Roth). I was starting to feel uncomfortable with the position and was fearing a potential dividend cut at some point. Better play safer – I sold all, got a few hundred loss… and moved on

On 05/07:

  • Buy 25 shares of PEP for $98.42 / share. This is a new position in the portfolio. Mostly used the money from OHI sale and some. I like the yield close to 3.7%, an ok growth and the dividend safety. A lot of dividend growth investors bought it as well since the stock price is back to spring 2016 levels (see Lanny and Bert, Young Dividend or desidividend for example).

On 05/16:

  • Buy 20 shares of BIP for $38.05 / share. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners is a MLP. This is a new position in the portfolio. I like how it holds assets from utilities, toll roads and cell towers across different regions of the world. Adds diversification.

These 1 sell / 2 purchases were done in my taxable account and were transaction free (I recently moved broker and got 60 days free transactions).

My dividend portfolio is updated with above new holdings.

Dividend Income – April 2018

At the start of every month, I post a report showing the dividends received in my accounts for the previous month. This is always very exciting to see the progress made, and really reveals the true power of compounding using the dividend growth investing strategy! This post shows the grand total but you can check my dividend income page to see the dividend paid per positions.

Dividend income received in April 2018

  • Taxable account: $338.34April 2017 was $350.76

January / April / July / October are my worse months for dividend income… it’s nowhere close to the $900 + I got last month that’s for sure.

GE and TIS got sold since last April (2017), and also somehow BP dividend has been paid in April this year, got it end of March last year: explains why the amount received this April is less than April 17.