Dividend Income – November 2018

At the start of every month, I post a report showing the dividends received in my accounts for the previous month. This is always very exciting to see the progress made, and really reveals the true power of compounding using the dividend growth investing strategy!

Dividend income received in November 2018

  • Taxable account: $621.51 – November 2017 was $493.08

I am really happy to see such an improvement compared to last year’s income. 

So far in 2018, I have collected a total dividend income of about $7,206 in my taxable account and my estimated projected annual income is now at around $9,800 ! 

I am getting close to see $10,000 of passive income… cannot wait. Will I see that before the end of the year? … I am working on this (I have done a few transactions already in December). Reaching $10K/year will be a great accomplishment 🙂 !

How was your November’s income? 

I use Personal Capital to track my overall portfolio situation, transactions and dividends.