Welcome to my new blog where I will log my progress towards achieving financial independence on different aspects.

About investing / saving money:

– I mainly use “index investing” for my retirement accounts.

– I use a “dividend growth investing” strategy for my Roth IRA / taxable account.


– I am trying to invest in myself and make the right food choices so that I can enjoy the longest time on this earth.

– Mainly a plant based food eater for about 3 years (started in 2015). I sometime make a few exceptions (probably around 95% vegan though) – it’s all about eating healthy and nourishing foods.


– I am working towards making physical activities a more natural habit.

Side Hustles:

– I have the goal to create other income sources for myself. I am planning on exploring various ways of making money on the side. This will be useful for additional saving money.


Thanks for reading me!