Dividend Income – April 2018

At the start of every month, I post a report showing the dividends received in my accounts for the previous month. This is always very exciting to see the progress made, and really reveals the true power of compounding using the dividend growth investing strategy! This post shows the grand total but you can check my dividend income page to see the dividend paid per positions.

Dividend income received in April 2018

  • Taxable account: $338.34April 2017 was $350.76

January / April / July / October are my worse months for dividend income… it’s nowhere close to the $900 + I got last month that’s for sure.

GE and TIS got sold since last April (2017), and also somehow BP dividend has been paid in April this year, got it end of March last year: explains why the amount received this April is less than April 17.

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