Dividend Income – March 2019

Well it’s been about a few months since my last post / update. I took a few months off – from the blog, but also from work. The family and I took off to experience living in Europe for 4 months – we were in France, Spain and Italy. It was like a mini retirement: to visit places but also to get a real taste of life with only you deciding how to allocate your time!

I learnt a lot about myself overall and also about practical things such renting my place, travel hacks (credit cards related, car rental, booking places to stay..), getting mail remotely, using vpn, using my cell phone, insurance etc… After this, I think the next time we do a mini-retirement it will be easier!

I may write more about this experience to share some tips but for now it’s back to reporting my dividend income for last month. While away, it was definitely comforting to know that the dividends were still coming in – growing our portfolio and also providing some kind insurance with extra money available in case I had budgeted too light. My budget was actually over what it costed us so all dividends received have been re-invested, and the left-over cash I had earmarked as “trip” has been used to buy more shares.

Dividend income received in March 2019

  • Taxable account: $1,440.34March 2018 was $954.49

I had to double (triple) -check this, I cannot believe the difference from last year… that’s almost $490! what?! wow – well I guess most investments I added were in stocks paying in March/June/September/December (which are my top months) and also all these dividend increases worked great… it adds up – yeah so happy to be a dividend investor – loving the compounding magic!

For traceability, the income received in my taxable account during my trip were:

  • December 2018: $1,217.52
  • January 2019: $578.20
  • February 2019: $661.37

So where are we:

  • so far in 2019, I have collected a total dividend income of about $2,680 in my taxable account 
  • my estimated projected annual income is now at $10,806.29

Getting back to work, I am now fired up to save more and invest more! 🙂 Only it’s hard to find great value right now – but I will continue to nibble on. This week I bought additional shares of WBA, WFC, MDT and BLK.

Happy investing everybody!

I use Personal Capital to track my overall portfolio situation, transactions and dividends.

3 thoughts on “Dividend Income – March 2019”

  1. Solid showing over the last few months. I can imagine it’s very comforting knowing that you have some passive income rolling in even during a mini retirement. Nice to know there’s cash to tap just in case. Keep the buying coming and growing that passive income stream. WFC could be a nice long term hold going forward.

  2. Double, Triple, Quadruple, and pinch yourself if you have to. You know why? Because the results are real. That’s the result of some hard work right there. Excellent, excellent Steps. I’m really pumped for you.


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