Purchases: DIS, SBUX, TXN, PG, PEP, WBA and LEG

I have been adding quite a few more shares across my portfolio since my last purchases!

I added more of these stocks which are currently priced closed to their 52 weeks low (SBUX, PEP, PG) but also on other stocks which I had purchased several years ago, and where the income contribution overall was low in relation to other stocks income in my holdings. Thes stocks are DIS, SBUX, WBA and LEG. Special thanks to Bert for actually posting his own purchase of LEG stock, and making me realize how the stock was a good purchase move at the moment. I already owned a few shares of the stock, but I am happy to have added more!

Here are my new additions:

 05/24/18   Bought   8 of DIS @ $102.80 -826.35
 05/24/18   Bought   10 of SBUX @ $57.44 -578.35
 05/24/18   Bought   2 of TXN @ $110.99 -225.93


 05/25/18   Bought   6 of PG @ $73.88  -447.23
 05/25/18   Bought   5 of PEP @ $100.18 -504.85


 05/30/18   Bought   20 of WBA @ $63.00 -1,263.95


06/06/18   Bought   42 of LEG @ $42.36 -1,783.07

My dividend portfolio is updated with above new holdings.

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  1. I always love seeing buying continue in earnest. The market may be at all time highs but consistent buying should occur at all times. Pick those stocks that are trading at better values and yields and hold on for the ride. I like a lot of your pick ups like SBUX, PG and PEP. Good names all around.

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