Purchases: LOW, SBUX, T, BIP, GPC, PEP, JNJ, PG

Well and the saga continues – buy buy buy was the word in June! 🙂

I keep on continuing to add on where I see value:

PEP, PG, JNJ are core holdings for my portfolio – good value historically – I continue to build these positions.

I have added to SBUX 2 more times in June! (hint also added a few days ago – that’s for July eh eh)… price is too good to pass this opportunity I believe. SBUX is a fantastic company – maybe great growth in China! They announced closure of 150 stores which I take as pruning / weeding out the field to keep the best!

GPC and LOW are new positions for the portfolio:

  • I like the international exposure with Genuine Parts with their past/recent acquisitions of businesses. Outside of the US, they now operate in Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, France, the U.K., Germany, and Poland! Great entry yield and safe payout ratio – there may well be nice growth in the future too.
  • I always try to mix lower yield/high growth dividend stocks with higher yield/slower growth ones – LOW falls into high growth with a 20% plus growth rate (5 years). It is very safe with a payout ratio of about 36% which should keep the dividend safe for many years to come.

Grabbed a few more AT&T (T) since I am rather low in the telco sector. Minimal growth, but great yield. We’ll see…

BIP (Brookfield Infrastructure Partners) is a MLP I am trying to add slowly. Great international diversification – It is directly involved in multiple global infrastructure investments across the globe. Great dividend payer.

What do you think of these purchases?

Here are my latest June additions:

 06/28/18   Bought   20 of PG @ $77.73 -1,558.55
 06/28/18   Bought   9 of JNJ @ $121.86 -1,100.69
 06/28/18   Bought   10 of PEP @ $108.34 -1,087.35
 06/28/18   Bought   20 of SBUX @ $49.40 -991.95
 06/25/18   Bought   22 of GPC @ $92.72 -2,043.79
 06/19/18   Bought   30 of BIP @ $38.87 -1,170.05
 06/13/18   Bought   30 of T @ $33.00 -993.95
 06/13/18   Bought   20 of SBUX @ $56.51 -1,134.15
 06/13/18   Bought   15 of LOW @ $100.60 -1,512.95

My dividend portfolio is updated with above new holdings.

3 thoughts on “Purchases: LOW, SBUX, T, BIP, GPC, PEP, JNJ, PG”

  1. Wow, you’re getting serious! ☺️

    What a great set of companies you’ve bought in the month of June. PEP, T, PG, SBUX, LOW, GPC, all quality names and they’re all in your basket!

    Your monthly growth numbers YoY will be through the roof and encouraging to keep pushing forward!

    Looking forward to follow your journey to FI.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement! You’ve got a nice base of a portfolio there. Keep on adding whenever you can: I do believe persistence and ignoring market noise are keys for success!

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