Purchases: PEP, TU and CAH

Added more on 3 different stocks on Friday 05/18. Mainly was trying to grab a few shares of these stocks in my portfolio which are close to the 52 weeks low.

On 05/18:

  • Buy 4 shares of PEP for $98.00. After buying Pepsi recently earlier this month, I keep on building towards a full position.
  • Buy 10 shares of TU for $35.60. I am a bit underweight in telecom assets, so adding on Telus. Also adds on Canadian telco exposure.
  • Buy 10 shares of CAH for $54.48 / shares. Cardinal Health’s price keeps getting lower. I like the safety of the stock with a payout ratio around 35%. Growth had been ok in previous years, I hope it keeps up like this – even if I fear growth may slow down.

My dividend portfolio is updated with above new holdings.

2 thoughts on “Purchases: PEP, TU and CAH”

    • Thanks Bert. For June, I am eyeing maybe more PEP, LEG (after reading your post eheh)… also tempted to add on T as I am very underweight in the communication sector. Busy time 🙂

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