Purchases: UL, JNJ – CMCSA Put Option

This week, I have added on two of my core holdings – JNJ and UL:

 07/16/18   Bought   18 of UL @ $55.50 -1,002.95
 07/16/18   Bought   8 of JNJ @ $126.00 -1,011.95

The above buys should add safety to my portfolio, both recession proof stocks – consumer non-cyclical – long time dividend payers.

About a month ago, I had sold a put option on Comcast stock. The option expired this week with CMCSA stock trading well above the strike price I had of $30. I am now free of obligation for this transaction i.e. I get to keep the proceed of $51.52 i received for selling the put option.

My dividend portfolio is updated with above new holdings.

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